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Robin & Bobby – Vancouver WA Wedding Photographers

I love weddings. Recently, we had the opportunity to take part in an extra-special wedding, as the bride was a good friend from high school. It was so neat to be able to participate in Robin’s day, and I was thrilled to be able to witness the true love between her and her new husband Bobby.

I love watching a bride’s hair transform into something gorgeous…Robin was no exception! She looked amazing!

LOVE it!

Robin and Bobby’s wedding was held in the Hilton Hotel adjacent to Esther Short Park. The park was sponsoring an event put on by local firefighters. Antique firetrucks made a fabulous prop for us!

Gorgeous! I’ve always loved Robin’s smile…so genuine and warm!

This has to be one of my favorite groom pictures of all time. I happened to catch a glimpse of Bobby in the hotel lobby just prior to the ceremony, and knew I had to sneak down to capture this moment. I’m sure he had a lot on his mind! Finding moments like these make our job truly special.

Like I said, the park was sponsoring an event for local firefighters. Part of the event included a big chili cook-off, and lots of different stations were there with samples and drinks. As we walked by with Robin and Bobby, one local station came out from their tent, handed all of us a cup of lemonade, and gave an impromptu toast to the happy couple. Again, moments like these are priceless to us, and make capturing each wedding a whole new experience!

Beautiful bride!

This picture makes it look as though it was a chilly day, but don’t be fooled! It was perhaps the hottest day of the summer, and we were very grateful for this breeze!!

You know we have to make the wedding party jump…it’s sort of a Lindner law…

There is always something about the best man…at EVERY wedding…You’ll see…

True love…

I love Bobby’s expression in this picture…a very newly married man!

The youngest wedding guests were the very first out on the dance floor, getting things started for everyone else!

One of my all-time favorites…

I am such a sucker for father-daughter dances…I cry every time, and this was no exception.

However, the mood quickly changed when Bobby’s mother joined him on the dance floor. I wish these pictures could fully express how comically wonderful this dance was.

I loved it when Robin hit the dance floor. It was so much fun for me to see a once very shy friend truly come out and enjoy herself on her wedding day! These ladies knew how to have a good time!

If you’ll ignore how largely pregnant I am in this picture, I wanted to share this picture, as it was really special for me to get to photograph a friend’s wedding. Nicole on the left was also one of my best friends in high school, and we were both thrilled to be there to support Robin on her big day. Blessings to you and Bobby as you begin your new life as a married couple! We love you guys!

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